50 films: 2004 – A Very Long Engagement

I love Jeunet’s films, they look tremendous, they have humour and sweetness and darkness and reward re-watching… and mostly they have Dominique Pinon which is a reason to love a film. A Very Long Engagement has all of that and Audrey Tautou, Jodie Foster and Marion Cotillard – so it doesn’t really need me to […]

50 albums: 1983 – Another Perfect Day by Motorhead

This is a little Motorhead history lesson, based not on research, but on the memories of a fan. In 1982, the band started recording the follow up to the hugely successful Ace of Spades, they decided that this time guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke would produce. This didn’t go well and, coupled with an ill-advised (and […]

50 films: 2000 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this, I loved the film when I did but was half expecting to have cooled on it, but the fight and chase sequences are so beautifully choreographed it is a very hard film not to love. The three leads are all so engaging and it (mostly) looks gorgeous. […]

50 films: 1975 – Nashville

Nashville is a great film, wonderfully acted, with a stack of stories and virtually no plot… it’s also nearly three hours long which makes it one of those films that I bypassed for many years, committing to a long film is not something that’s easy (for me) to do. It was always on my list, […]