Nov 302012

Argh! I just learnt that the didgeridoo on Rolf Harris’s Sun Arise is actually eight double basses! So my “one shot” post will only have one didgeridoo…
Kate Bush – The Dreaming

Kate Bush – The Dreaming

But here’s what is undoubtedly the best song ever that has eight double basses on it!
Rolf Harris – Sun Arise

sun arise by rolf harris 1962

And here’s a version with a real didgeridoo

Rolf Harris – Sun Arise

Nov 292012

… well actually it’s not too bad…

… we start with a dream which is Rules of Buffy #3 – If something doesn’t seem quite right… it’s a dream

… we also have Wesley and the Watchers Council heavies not killing Angel when they had a chance which sort of obeys Rules of Buffy #2 – If you get an opportunity to despatch a particularly nasty demon… don’t, it’ll probably work out fine

we then rattle through a half-decent episode where lots of story happens, which is a relief because the story has been in need of picking up.

Despite that… I can think of nothing to say, so here’s Willow… in her dungarees…

… and here’s sad Willow in the lav…

… and here’s Nina in a different lav…

Nov 162012

We Are Not Adult Orientated by Stereolab

Stereolab – We're Not Adult Orientated (Video). Good quality.

Slipping Into Something by The Feelies

Stereolab – We're Not Adult Orientated (Video). Good quality.

… and here’s a great (recent) live version – played quicker but still six minutes!

The Feelies – "Slipping (Into Something)" Live

Boy Meets Girl, So What by McCarthy

McCarthy – A1.Boy Meets Girl So What (Remix)

Home Again by The Auteurs

Home again The auteurs

Five Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck) by Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo – Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)

Nov 152012

Gloria Swanson spins... miserably

Damon Krukowski (of Galaxie 500*) wrote a very interesting and quite depressing article on Pitchfork, about how sites like Pandora and Spotify remunerate artists. But what can I, as a fan, music lover, listener, do about it – here are some thoughts – they are mine and mine alone, they are off the top of my head and a little muddled.

  • I hate CDs, I always hated them, they are ghastly little bits of landfill – environmental timebombs. I have vowed to never buy another CD. I still buy records occasionally, for bands I love or for exceptionally beautiful artifacts.
  • I adore a world where the MUSIC is more important than the ARTIFACT
  • I adore ARTIFACTS
  • I want to give money to artists I love
  • I want a “radio” where I control what I listen to – that is music that I want to listen to but have no desire to own. I want the makers of this music to get some benefit of my listening… but this isn’t the same as the point above.
  • I love that Spotify allows me to shoot off in bizarre directions, try stuff out, find the obscure and odd.
  • I believe there is a difference between buying a track and listening to a track on Spotify
  • I like to buy things – even things that don’t have a physical manifestation.
  • I love what Kristin Hersh has done using her “Strange Angels” – a bunch of fans who pay a regular amount to her purely to enable her to make music – any perks are a bonus – the main thing is to allow a great artist to make art.
  • I know that while I can afford to do that for SOME artists I love I couldn’t afford to do it for ALL artists I love.
  • I don’t want to be a leech.
  • I don’t believe musicians have a right to fame and fortune and anyone who makes music with that as a goal is probably not someone I’d respect (although I suspect there are many who do).
  • Kristin Hersh released her last album as a book with a download – I loved that!
  • I love books.
  • Kristin Hersh is releasing her next album as a book with a CD – I love that much less.
  • I love that this new age is encouraging artists to get innovative with how they get music to us.
  • I love Bandcamp.
  • I love the idea of a world built on trust and honesty – even if there are people who are neither trustworthy or honest.
  • I know that people steal music, but I also know they always did.
  • I don’t go to many gigs these days.
  • I still buy and wear band T-shirts.
  • I want to help.

* – Put there on the off-chance someone doesn’t know me arrives here!

Oct 202012

SO in Bad Girls…

…Wesley arrives, Faith and Buffy do the silly hands in the air dancing, a blobby villain gets fritzed and Faith kills a human… and goes bad. Despite all that, it was a bit forgettable… not much great dialog, not a great deal to laugh at, and it’s hard to care.

Silly hands-in-the-air dancing

I thought I remembered Faith vigorously washing her hands and was going to link it in with this piece by Rose George on how we could do with being a little more diligent on that front – but when I went to grab a screencap it showed Faith vigorously washing her top.

Wesley: Remember the three key words for any Slayer: Preparation… preparation… preparation.
Buffy: That’s one word three times.

One word three times:

Rules of Buffy:
I pondered making the deputy mayor’s demise an example of Rule of Buffy #1 – but he wasn’t really nice.

Maybe too early to say but could be a new Rule of Buffy – “If you dance with your hands above your head you’re probably bad”

Oct 012012

OK – four months since we last watched an episode!

I actually like the idea of The Zeppo, it has some funny lines and funny scenes… but as Hazel points out (and will I’m sure point out again) the lack of consistency of characters is just annoying. To change a character just to fit him into a good idea is wrong and that’s what happens here… shame.

And there’s Buffy’s hair

... but your hair!

Some quotes

Buffy: Maybe I’ll check out Willy’s (it doesn’t work written down which is why I cheated up there)

Giles: There’s something… different about this… menace, something in the air… The stench of death.
Xander: Yeah, I think it’s Bob.

and… (obviously)

Xander: I’m suddenly very up. It’s just, um… I’ve never been up with people before.

I’m not sure there’s a great song about Zeppo… but there is one about another Marx Brother…