Hazel and I moved from London to the North East of England a couple of months back and we’ve missed almost nothing about it (so far).

But… there is one thing. We haven’t (so far) found anybody blogging about the history and culture of the North East, and since that’s what we’re interested in Living by the water is our attempt at filling that gap.

If there are bloggers you think we should know about please do tell

The title of the blog (and this post) is from an Anne Briggs song and, seemed appropriate because the Tyne and the North Sea seem to be so important to the history and culture of the area.

Anne Briggs - Living By The Water (1971)

… there’s also a lovely version by The Owl Service

The Owl Service - Living By The Water (2015)

… and of course, because of where we are … The Unthanks

The Unthanks - Living By The Water (2009)