The view from Sharpness Point
The view from Sharpness Point

When I started a new job back in 2013, to reach my new workplace I had to cycle over Kew Bridge every day - and every day I’d stop half-way accross and take a picture downstream - to be honest it wasn’t that thrilling - sure, the seasons and the weather changed, and the tide came in and out, but mostly it was just the river.

When we moved to Tynemouth I had the opportunity to pick a new spot and Sharpness Point, with its view over Longsands to Cullercoats seemed like the smartest choice… although the coast is so thrilling I could pretty much have pointed my phone at anything and found something captivating. OK, the seasons and weather will change, and the tide will come in and out, but …

The album of photos can be found here, and I’ll keep adding to it until I get bored, or I’m no longer within reach of Sharpness Point.

Today Sharpness point is a patch of green with park benches in 1897 it had a “Band Stand”

… and in 1921 it had a first world war tank - I haven’t yet found a picture from my cursory scout round the usual suspects - if anyone has one I’d love to see it!