Over the last few weeks Hazel and I took our first tentative steps back into public entertainment spaces, although neither of the films drew the sort of audience that invoked social-distancing-anxiety.

First up we saw the brilliant Summer of Soul at the Everyman in Newcastle.

Good points:

  • The film (of course).
  • The seats were a sofa!
  • You could get a coffee delivered to your seat.
  • There was probably only 9 or 10 folk (including us) in the room.

Not so good points:

  • Despite there being only 9 or 10 folk (including us) in the room - we still had an annoying talker!
  • We’d booked seats down the front of but they were far too close to the screen (we moved).
  • The staff coming in mid-film to solicit orders for more coffee was just plain wrong. Once a film has started that’s the last you should see of anyone until it’s over!

Next it was the Jam Jar in Whitley Bay to see the NTLive (not live) Follies

Good points:

  • Sondheim!
  • We were in the front row again but thankfully these were a comfortable distance from the screen.
  • Drinks… served in glasses!
  • Decent seats - not a sofa but roomy and comfortable
  • No one tried to sell us anything mid-film!
  • There was probably only 7 or 8 folk (including us) in the room.

Bad points

  • Tickets were a wee bit pricey for a 4 year old NT presentation.