House on fire

I suspect I'm one of those people who constantly gush about how much I love bands, and sometimes I suspect that my gushing turns into a later embarrassment while I try and justify why I said, for instance, that Death Cab For Cutie were amazing when in fact they were just OK with only the occasional recording worthy of the praise I once heaped on them.

Having said that I have been gushing about The Clientele for quite a while now. On Monday their new single slapped onto my doormat and it has been in pretty constant rotation ever since - being carried from place to place - listened at home, listened in the car, am listening at work. They really are a lovely band and I seriously doubt that I will ever have a DCFC-type-slightly-embarrassed feeling about them.

The new album is a whole month away - I'm not sure this teaser will survive a months worth of constant play - we'll have to see.