Caught the BMX Bandits at the weekend for the first time in many years - they're still as fun (maybe even funn(i)er). Quite few oldies - a bunch of newies - a failed attempt to phone Norman Blake mid-set and a cover of Beat Happening's "Cast A Shadow" - so it all made a nice show.

Support was from Eugene Kelly (Vaselines, Capt America) - who did a nice set with acoustic guitar and harmonica (and I'm sure that no matter how hard you try if you turn up on stage with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica in one of those round-the-neck-harmonica-holders (there's probably a proper name) you end up sounding like Bob Dylan - no matter.

The opening band was The Starlets who were also very good and new how to win a crowd by opening with a Go Betweens number (Devil's Eye). Very good night - makes me wish I wasn't so lazy and got out more.