Everytime I've bought a Stereolab album since "Dots and Loops" I'd vowed it would be my last - but somehow I keep buying them. They have a new album out and I'll probably buy it.

I think I may be coming to terms with my Stereolab "problem" - Sound Dust was a bad album - I listened to it a couple of times and even relative to the other late 'lab releases it was IMO pretty poor - but it did put the rest of their releases into some sort of perspective.

I think the "problem" stems for the visions of great things that I saw for Stereolab and they failed to deliever - in fact they failed to deliver in such a sensational way - how could Spiritualized sell out the Albert Hall and Stereolab waste away sadly on the fringes - I have a lot of time for Jason Spaceman and his pompous expulsions, but even the potential of Laser Guided Melodies was cast in the shadows of what "Transient Random Noise Bursts..." promised.

Maybe it's heading up to 40 that has compelled me to re-appraise the Stereolab "lounge years" - maybe it's that I've been learning to play piano for six months now and am learning to appreciate msuic on another plane - maybe it's because I can't stand to be mad at them any more...