Low - The Great Destroyer

Ahhh "Slowcore" - the pigeonhole that was made for me.
Low's new album is out now (or soon) and hammers
another nail in the coffin of this once great musical
(non) "movement". OK that's a little bit dramatic but
what is with Low seeming to think that being on Sub
Pop obliges them to put out a neo-Grunge piece? And
how are they getting away with it? "Just Stand Back"
is probably the worst song ever put out by a band I
once loved - I mean so really REALLY dull it makes me
want to cry. I never thought I wouldn't buy a Low
album (hell I still buy Stereolab albums), but I don't
think I'll buy The Great Destroyer because Low don't
make music I love any more. Shame.

As a mark of respect today I am listening to Codeine.