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So I just scraped through my Grade 4 piano exam. The exam seemed to go better than my Grade 3 exam last December but it still exposed my weakneses and didn't reveal any particular strengths. My sight-reading was, once again, an embarrassment. My aural was better than I expected. The pieces were OK - but nothing exceptional. Maybe one day I can scrape up to a merit.

I passed my Grade 2 theory with distinction which I'm pleased about. The theory exam was one of my most uncomfortable experiences. I arrived in the hall just before start time and found four rows of tables filled with 200 (mostly) teenage (mostly) girls. I squeezed in next to a girl who turned to me and said that she was relieved there was another adult! Honestly I felt so old abnd so big! They were all considerably more advanced than me too.

So...onto Grade 5 piano (and Grade 4 theory) - I can't help thinking that I'm not good enough to be a Grade 4 pianist - but hell I've got the flipping certificate!

np: Marian McPartland Trio - There Is No Greater Love