The Internet Archive is a paradise - well maybe not a paradise because a paradise couldn't possibly have 800+ live shows by The String Cheese Incident - maybe just a huge and wonderful charity shop around which you can wander for hours and in amongst the Hot Hits and Top of The Pops LPs you can find such gems as Billy Bragg live at Glastonbury in 1992 which kept me company on the bus home last night.

What's really special about listening to a recording of Billy live is that it's more than just wonderful songs - it's a commentary on contemporary life. This show has Billy mentioning England's failure in the European Nations Cup, Lloyds names, Bryan Adams, Whaling, another Tory election victory and The Clash being used to sell jeans.

The archive has another 44 of Billy's shows so take a listen to the political and cultural history of Britain through the talk and songs of the Bard of Barking

np: Billy Bragg - Accident Waiting To Happen