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Well I've now sat through Martin Scorcese's lengthy look at the early years of Bob Dylan's career and it was a fascinating look at this puzzling personality particularly through the eyes of his associates. It was fun to see the myth of the lovely Pete Seeger with an axe backstage at the Newport Folk Festival so gloriously perpetuated. It was great to see Joan Baez struggling to keep her bitterness down at Bobby's treatment of her - and interesting to see Bobby admit that he hadn't been the perfect partner. And of course it was intersting to see just how angry the "Dylan goes electric" tour of the UK was - it was so much more than just one guy shouting "Judas" at the Manchester Free Trade Hall.

One concern was the way that Albert Grossman's relationship with Dylan was completely ignored. It rather devalues the whole documentary that someone whose influence on the whole Greenwich Village scene and on Dylan in particular was virtually ignored (with the exception of a comment about his manipulation of Peter, Paul and Mary.

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