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We got back on Saturday after a week in Brittany/Normandy in the North of France - we had smashing weather and a thoroughly relaxing week of paddling, touristing and pique-nique-ing (Baguette et Fromage hmmm). (stacks more photos on Flickr)

On our return...

  • There were NO CDs or records waiting on the door mat
  • The Galaxie 500 Mailing List had descended into a mish mash of bickering and jazz discussion!
  • I found out that I HADN'T been made redundant from the sinking ship that is the BBC Archives
  • Found out that the Galaxie 500 sessions pre-orders were shipping (but mine hadn't arrived!)
  • Our telephone (and therefore Internet) was STILL broken - it took the lovely BT a mere ELEVEN DAYS to fix it

Excited to see that the fabulous "long lost" debut album by Explosions in The Sky, How Strange, Innocence has been re-released so I can update my downloaded copy for the real deal! (via Chromewaves). I noticed that they're in London next week but almost certainly won't be able to make it.

The very VERY lovely Blanket have revamped their website and included a complete show for download and delectation - and it seems they're playing at the Tate Britain in London in the new year - looking forward to that!)

Home sweet home...