The first post in my pretty new Wordpress blog.

A week at work gazing vacantly at the PC monitor drowning in a wash of 80s indie (JaMC, Sonic Youth, Stone Roses) and 60s Jazz (Miles, Cannonball, Bill Evans, Monk) and wondering what my first new purchase of the year will be. My Norman records email update came and went without any great inspiration. and a lazy trawl around my favourite blogs was equally unproductive. Maybe its too early in the year to be inspired.

Baffling is the only possible word to describe Stylus's description of Spiritualized's Lazer Guided Melodies as

pallid and homogeneous

and more baffled by the list of agreeing comments. It comes as part of Stylus's reassesment of the band's second album Pure Phase which I've also recently rediscovered.

Dave Simpson in the Guardian hunts down 43 former members of The Fall

"It's a bit like a football team," he said. "Every so often you have to get rid of the centre-forward."