Doleful Lions - Out like a Lamb

OK this is a bit lame because it's not like I've done any great research trying to track down what happened to Doleful Lions - in fact I've just sat here listening to their fabulous 2002 album Out Like A Lamb and wondered when the follow up is going to arrive. It's probably even a little bit more pathetic becasue despite absolutely adoring this album I haven't actually got off my behind and bought any of their previous releases - should rectify that soon I guess

You can listen to a couple of mp3s on the Broken Horse website (Broken Horse released the album in Europe and were kind enough to send me a copy gratis - which makes me feel even worse now becasue not only do I love it I didn't even pay for it!!).
mp3s from Broken Horse Records:

np: Doleful Lions - Sunshine Spartacus