rusted chain
originally uploaded by kevin meredith.

Back in my youth I used to listen to a radio show on London's Capital Radio called "Chains" - the concept was pretty simple - listeners would compile a one hour show where each track was somehow related to the previous - the show had to end with the same track that it had begin with. The connections where often obscure and convuluted but the mixture of music and obsessively anal music trivia made it fairly essential listening for a music obsessive like me.

I'm not sure what happened to "Chains" but I do know that Capital is the horrid commercial monstrosity that turned Xfm from an indie music station into the pointless alt-rock crap it has become (made all the more pointless by the drift of "alternative" music into the mainstream) reminded me of "Chains" - the web site enables you to enter two band names (or albums or solo artists) and see how they are connected (but the links are not so tenuous!). Here's an insanely brief summary of my musical development...