A Night in Tunisia

I bought the Coltrane/Monk CD last year and was disappointed that it had "Copy Control" and that Blue Note had decided to treat me like a thief. I pledged to never buy another copy-protected CD and this is making my journey into jazz all the more problematic. I went to Amazon today to buy A Night in Tunisia - it too was corrupt - I didn't and WILL NOT buy it.

I just rattled off a whiny "feedback" to Blue Note before I realised that it was to Blue Note US and they, it seems, are not corrupting their discs. It also seems that contacting Blue Note in the UK is not so easy to do so I guess I'll just add my whine here.

I'm relatively new to Jazz, I took up piano at the age of 39 (nearly three years now) and it was Thelonious Monk who made me realise that jazz could have the same feel-beyond-musicianship that rock music has given me for years.

Following on from that it's been a thoroughly enjoyable journey discovering so much music that I didn't realise was there and so much of that music was on Blue Note.

Please Blue Note (UK) reconsider the decision to sell corrupted discs and start treating your customers with a little respect - we do deserve it.

Apparentluy Blue Note in the US release uncorrupted CDs - I may just have to consider importing my jazz from now on in

update: I managed to get a nice old vinyl copy fon eBay for about £4 - fantastic album and well worth hunting down - but DON'T buy a corrupt CD from Blue Note (Europe).