So this is by way of a "coming out". Latecomer as I was to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, like a born-again Christian or a reformed smoker I have become fanatical and obsessed. Having said that I am still a minor Buffy nut compared with Hazel.

So the two of us are stitting down to watch the entire run again - we manufactured an "excuse" involving Angel (which we haven't seen as yet) but to be honest we just wanted to watch it again - and it's not like we have anything else to watch (maybe 30 or 40 films and a few TV series - not really that much).

The most obvious difference this time around seems to be that the storyline, which was the most important thing first time around, has become only a minor player in our enjoyment of the show. The character development and interaction, and mostly the hilarious dialogue are more important - so we can watch an episode like I, Robot...You, Jane and thoroughly enjoy it despite its woeful plot - the big test for this theory will come with Beer Bad.

Just to prove she's a bigger fan than me Hazel is blogging her thoughts on each episode as we go through it (Let's Fold Scarves). As for me...I'll just remain a detached and cool music snob and continue to whine preciously at the perilous state of the music and media industries...