Way back in the last century, when the Internet was young and fresh and exciting one of my first Inernet "friends" was a chap called Michael Kentoff who was in a rather excellent band from Washington DC called Townies. The band released a couple of cracking little albums and then some time in the late 90s they became The Caribbean. Michael sent me their first EP and then we sort of fell out of touch - and I assumed that The Caribbean was no more.

Yesterday while doing my daily trawl for Galaxie 500 related blogs and articles I came across an interview that Damon had done for webzine Erasing Clouds as part of an ongoing project called 100 Musicians Answer the Same 10 Questions. Damon was number 22 and much to my surprise number 6 featured Michael Kentoff of The Caribbean.

It seems that in the years I'd assumed the band had faded away they had in fact been going from strength to strength - they have released a couple of well received albums and were still very much a going concern. The official website is a bit strange and annoying but has a bunch of stuff to download.

The Caribbean - Siamese Sons (mp3)