This one sort of came out of the blue - I love how sometimes things can hit you from nowhere. Someone mentioned them on Galaxie 500 Mailing List and I hadn't heard of them before - and then within weeks they were turning up on blogs all over the place (they probably were before but I'm sometimes not a very good blog reader - just like I'm not a very good blog writer). Citrus is a fantastic album and Asobi Seksu really don't deserve the endless "shoegaze" tag they have had to endure. Labelling bands in this way is so lame particularly as the term itself is so meaningless...

This is notable because it was the first album that I really wanted to "own" but opted to "download" instead - I am struggling with the whole not having something you can hold thing but I thought it was about time I tried to embrace the 21st century. I'm not sure I love it but eMusic makes it easier to live with.

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