Canal Walk
(originally uploaded by grange85)

  • Lose weight (yawn) so I can fit into a Galaxie 500 T shirt.
  • Work much harder at my piano practice and music theory.
  • Read more - and not just comics...proper books as well!
  • Go to bed earlier - over 2006 it went from being just after midnight to close to 2am!
  • Write more - NaNoWriMo was an interesting experiment but I need to keep writing because it needs to get MUCH better!
  • Improve myself - I need to find myself a "direction".
  • Not to buy a record on a major label - maybe childish petulance but I don't see why I should throw my money at the big four when there is so much really great indie music around.
  • Get better at blogging - 2006 was an improvement but I still could get better!