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I love Low - I guess there's a clue in my last.fm charts with only Galaxie 500 and Luna being above them (and suspect Luna will be overtaken in the not too distant future // nothing will ever overtake Galaxie 500!).

There was a time when I cooled - I wasn't a big fan of Trust and even less of a fan of The Great Destroyer - but I kept buying the albums and kept going to see them and I don't ever remember being too disappointed - well maybe when I last saw them at The Shepherds Bush Empire back in not sure when...long time ago...it was the first time I'd seen Low in a big venue and it seemed really wrong...but I got over that.

Last night's gig at The Shepherds Bush Empire reminded me just how much I do love them. The new album, Drums And Guns is, by my reckoning a major return to form and it sounded fantastic live and even the tracks they played off the albums I was cool on sounded great (although if I was cool on the album Trust I was never cool on (That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace, it ranks up there among Low's very best).

So I love the new album and I'm happy to declare that I probably do love the albums I thought I didn't love but the real highlights for me were the older tracks. Over the Ocean was gorgeous, Two Step turns my knees to jelly when Mimi starts singing and those are the two tracks that I'll hear when I close my eyes and think about this show...

I love Low, I love them live, and now that I can be comfortable with their popularity (and their religion) I can just sit back and enjoy being in love with Low.

A bit of video of Over The Ocean from last night...