I reached 43 today. When I hit 40 I rattled off some words that convinced me that I'm not too old really...pointing out the rock stars that are older than me and (surprise, surprise) they're all still older than me - and if Kim Gordon can behave like this on stage at her age then I guess there's a bit of life left in me yet.

This year I have probably noticed my age more than before - stupid things that pop into my head remind me that I'm getting on a bit things like...

  • my wonderful son will turn 10 in a couple of weeks
  • my beautiful partner and I have been together for 16 or 17 years
  • I've been working for the BBC for more than half my life
  • the life expectancy of a man in the UK is 76.9 years - that's not so far away
  • Getting out of bed seems so much harder these days
  • Staying at home and browsing the Internet is often a much more attractive proposition than going to a gig!

I am scared of death, but then I think I probably should be because life is so bloody good at the moment I don't want that to end! OK work's a pain in the arse but everything else probably couldn't be better.