I'm sort of embarrassed that, until last night I hadn't seen a Sparklehorse show. I've been a fan pretty much from my first listen of Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot over 10 years ago but for some reason just never got around to seeing them live. I saw Mark play a short but excellent set at Howe Gelb's Upside Down Home show at the Barbican back in 2001 but apart from that it's been a sorry state of affairs.

So last night I fixed that. moley75 cried off so I went on my own (so many gigs on my own lately, it really is quite sad). Support act were The Dead Texan (who is Adam Wiltzie of Stars of the Lid and video artist/musician Christina Vantzou) they played an excellent set of gentle electronic and analog drone in front of a screen displaying Christina's animations.

Sparklehorse for the evening were actually The Dead Texan (noise and animations) with Mark Linkous (some of the noise and all of the beautiful songs). The setlist was superb - it could have been hand picked for me...(in no particular order except how they're coming into my head right now)...Saturday, Homecoming Queen, Painbirds, Weird Sisters, Heart of Darkness, Gasoline Horseys, Sea of Teeth, Saint Mary, Hundreds of Sparrows, Spirit Ditch, Babies on the Sun

- "oh and more...and all of it was just perfect.


I really ought to have made the effort sooner...

Downside 1: Forgot my camera which was a shame because I'd have loved a pic of those boots Mark was wearing.

Downside 2: The ridiculously rude staff/security - and why can't I buy a plastic bottle of water (£1.95!) and get to keep the lid of the bottle - what sort of security issue does a blue plastic lid pose???