Maybe nostalgia is better left in the head. Adam and I stood through an hour of Motorhead at the Royal Festival Hall - it started OK - they threw in a few oldies just to keep me interested Metropolis almost got me thinking that it was going to get good. But the rest of the oldies sounded tired. The lack of dynamic range and the murky buried vocals just meant that, despite some effort early on, it just wasn't working for me. The whole "lets see how loud you can shout" and "is it loud enough" banter may have appealed to me 25 years ago but it seemed tired and childish.

lemmy is still a phenomenal front man but sadly Motörhead in 2007 aren't the band I loved in 1979. I'm well aware that this is mostly to do with me but I had enjoyed the week long build up...digging out the albums and watching clips on YouTube. I started to really think that it could be a good evening.

An hour or so in and we had a drum solo - I'm pretty damn certain that I have never seen a Motorhead drum solo - Motorhead didn't go in for that pointless crap, they were different. They were about Rock and Roll not showing off...but there it was, a full on tedius yawn of a drum solo. Adam and I left.

We stood on the Royal Festival Hall balcony for a while pondering whether or not to go back in but we both decided that we'd had enough. We went down and messed around in the fountains, got wet and came home...Motorhead may well have still been on stage when we got home but I don't think I missed anything.