Dean Wareham
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Dean & Britta week
Dean and Britta only played this one Luna song over the two London shows (although not counting Bonnie & Clyde and Indian Summer might be cheating a little). That's not a complaint, I got two very good (if a little short) D&B shows which is more than most of Europe got this time around.

Bewitched is possibly one of Luna's (bitter-)sweetest songs - and it pretty much has had me in a swoon live every time (and there's been quite a few times over the years). Wednesday night's version featured some guy I didn't know on trumpet (Britta's latest mailout revealed that Joe the sound man was the trumpeter) which just topped things off nicely (Luna missed having a trumpet on tour after Justin left).

I have recordings of both shows which I'll share them on Dimeadozen when I've sorted them out but in the meantime here's an mp3 of Dean & Britta doing bewitched at The Legion...

Dean & Britta - Bewitched (live at The Legion, London - 20th June 2007) - mp3 - 7.17MB