There was a time in between Galaxie 500 splitting up (in 1991) and us getting the Internet (late 1993 or early 94 I'd guess [1]) when I thought I was the only Galaxie 500 fan in the world. Occasionally a journalist (normally Everett True) might drop their name into an article but otherwise it was just me. The friends I'd seen Galaxie 500 with didn't seem all that bothered by the fact that they weren't around any more. Of course there was Luna, but I never really knew any Luna fans either and was always surprised that there was anyone else at the Luna shows I went to. So the Internet was a glorious revelation not only did the people on there know of Galaxie 500 but some of them loved them as much as I did.

Whenever I find a post like this one at Indie Selections For Your Erections I get a buzz to know that there are people who cared as much as I did (and still care) - it's probably a bit sad because most of my Internet existence since 1994 has been amongst Galaxie 500 fans - but most of them don't make such explicit declarations of love - I think they should do it more often...I do it all the time!

[1]The earliest mention of my Internet presence I've managed to track down (after a couple of minutes searching) is this post to alternative in September 1994 but we had definitely been around longer than that (we'd had a Compuserve account before the Demon one that this post was from).