First up The Left Outsides played some sweet enough tunes - nothing outstanding but I enjoyed it well enough. Next was Darren Hayman who was previously in Hefner a band I never really "got" although keep feeling I should revisit - he played alone with an electric piano and some wry/funny/clever-clever songs about dogs and old people - it was good enough - and the set was short enough that the wryness and clever-cleverness didn't annoy me.

I don't think there's been a gig by The Clientele that I haven't enjoyed (and I've seen them quite a few times over the last few years) but for some reason last night seemed exceptionally good - here's a list of possible reasons...

  • The Luminaire - its a nice small venue but not oppressive - it has black walls with threats painted on them in an attempt to discourage talking while the bands are on stage!
  • I got a great spot which was both right at the very front AND had a wall to lean on.
  • Alasdair didn't seem to be quite as miserable as usual - still miserable because that's the way but he didn't tell the audience to "Shut the fuck up".
  • I was in the mood to enjoy them - the first band I saw in 2007 was The Clientele so it felt oddly appropriate that they'd be the first band of 2008.
  • The Clientele are just getting better - the band, an Alasdair in particular over the last year or so (maybe coincidentally since Mel joined the band) seem to be happy to let go occasionally...sometimes they might even wig-out!

Whatever the reason I came home happy at a good start to my 2008 gig going.