I finished the awesome Portal last night and am still laughing at the ending. I've listened to almost nothing but "Still Alive" since I finished it; I've downloaded sheet music; I've watched loads of great videos on YouTube; I've downloaded the official wallpaper pack and put one on my desktop. I can't remember being quite so taken with a game before - it's a short but insanely sweet cake of a game.

The review on Rock, Paper, Shotgun pretty much says all I wanted to say about it in a clever, more rational and more articulate way.

It’s easy to be disappointed by Portal’s brevity. Just when you’re feeling like the master of the tool, it’s over. While the story is complete, and the ending is the funniest gaming moment in many years, there’s no denying you’re left still hungry. It gives you a bite of a delicious cake, but then doesn’t let you gorge until stuffed. Fortunately there’s more to do once the main game is over. Six of the rooms can be replayed on a significantly higher difficulty level, and there are specific challenges for the regular levels, completing them either in a limited number of footsteps, a restricted number of portals, or a rigid time limit. These offer a terrifying challenge, with Bronze awards in reach, but Silver and certainly Gold seeming madly impossible. At first.

I ♥ Portal