Look at all that lovely hair!
Look at all that lovely hair!
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Helen and I pose for a school photo at St Paul's school in Thames Ditton Surrey. I'd guess this must have been around 73 or 74 - do I look nine or ten? And so much hair...

I pretty much remember only two things from primary school...

  1. My glasses getting run over by a school bus. Actually I'm a little puzzled that I don't have my glasses on in this photo - I wore them all the time, so I suppose vanity or the photographer made me take them off - I'm inclined to go with the latter.
  2. Helen getting left behind on her first day because she didn't know to get on the bus and Anton and I getting a serious telling off for our negligence. She was brought home by a teacher. I recall being outraged that we got told off because of Helen's stupidity - what a lovely caring big brother I was!