As much as I miss my mum I don't miss her washing. Our school rugby kit was gold with a blue trim and from my second match I played in a murky greeny-yellow coloured kit. I had grey shirts that should have been white and grey-pink towels that once were red. My mum laundered hard!

Sadly I allowed her to wash hard my one Galaxie 500 T-shirt, bought at the show at the Subterania that still tops my best show of all time list.

I'm pretty sure the print on the front lasted no more than one or two washes...but of course I kept and loved it, and yesterday I dug it out of the attic and (gently) washed it and posed in it.

Modelling my 1990 Galaxie 500 T-shirt

It's still a wee bit tight so it'll probably be a few weeks before it gets a public outing (maybe I'll wear it to Dunfermline in July).