Moon Landing

Adam and I have been fascinated by the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. I have vague memories of watching it first time around - although those memories could easily have been of later missions. We've spent a lot of time listening to the "as live" broadcasts played on the We Choose the Moon website (although some "as live" telly would have been nicer). An hour or so (+40 years) back the Eagle landed in the Sea of Tranquility... I was thrilled!

Over the last few days I've been randomly using (and The Hype Machine) to post vaguely related songs to Twitter... for no one's enjoyment of my own and for the same reason I'll repost here. I was going to create a Spotify playlist but it failed at the first hurdle (ballboy) so I shan't bother...

  • 1:39 PM Jul 16th: Getting ready for the moon launch by listening to the few space related songs I have - Essential Wear for Future Trips to Space by ballboy
  • 4:12 PM Jul 16th: Two hours to launch ~ psycho helmets on ~ Silver Rocket by Sonic Youth
  • 4:47 PM Jul 16th: Just over an hour to launch - time to load up the Spacemen 3 (sorry!) #apollo11 ♫
  • 5:31 PM Jul 16th: 30 minutes to launch ~ Space is Deep by Hawkwind #apollo11 ♫
  • 6:08 PM Jul 16th: Off into outer-space you go my friends, we wish you bon voyage. #apollo11 ~ Galaxie 500 - Moonshot
  • 6:33 PM Jul 16th: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space #apollo11 ♫
  • about 10 hours ago from "Just to be in space would be the important thing" ~ ballboy - A Day in Space #apollo11 ♫
  • about 9 hours ago: "It's time to fly... into life's mystery" Jonathan Richman #apollo11 #hypem
  • about 7 hours ago: The colours of the moon #1 - Pink - Nick Drake - #apollo11 ♫
  • about 7 hours ago: The colours of the moon #[2] - Blue - Big Star - #apollo11 ♫
  • about 7 hours ago: The colours of the moon #3 - Red (and Low) - Belly - #apollo11 ♫
  • about 7 hours ago: "It's time to go somewhere we've never seen" - Luna's cover of Jojo's Fly Into the Mystery #apollo11
  • about 6 hours ago: The colours of the moon #4 - White (and Trash) - Kristin Hersh - #apollo11 ♫
  • about 6 hours ago: The colours of the moon #5 - Blue (revisited) - Cowboy Junkies - #apollo11 ♫
  • about 1 hour ago: Tranquility base here, the Eagle has landed (REM) #apollo11 ♫