An excerpt from Ozzy Osbourne's upcoming autobiography "I am Ozzy" was published in The Times Online this week and as well as the stories of drink, drugs and small animal decapitaions he also describes playing the first Black Sabbath album to his dad...

I can picture him now, fiddling with his reading specs and holding the cover in front of his face. Then he opened the sleeve, went, “Hmm” and said: “Are you sure they didn’t make a mistake, son?”

“What d’you mean?”

“This cross is upside down.”

“It’s supposed to be like that.”

“Oh. Well, don’t just stand there. Put it on. Let’s have a bit of a singalong, eh?”

With the first clap of thunder, my dad flinched.

I grinned nervously at him.

Then: Bong! Bong! Bong!

“Son, when does . . .”

BLAM! Dow! Dowwwwwww!!!


My poor old man turned white. I think he’d been expecting something along the lines of Knees up Mother Brown.