Strange Geometry, God Save The Clientele, Bonfires on the Heath - The Clientele

The Clientele might well be my "band of the decade." I've certainly seen them more than any other band this decade, having first seen them in 2001 (probably even earlier - and last seen them a week ago). All the albums they've released in that time, including The Violet Hour which isn't listed above because I chose an arbitrary limit of three per artist in my list, is a classic. The one I love most differs from day-to-day.

Biggest Bluest HiFi, Underachievers Please Try Harder - Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura's first two albums had a sweetness that I think subsequently got lost. Maybe with the departure of John they took on a more professional feel that took away a little of that sweet naive appeal. I still love them but not as much as I loved them in 2003