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Green Monkey Food & Drink mix

I managed to muscle myself into I, Splotchy's latest Green Monkey Music Project mix - which has a theme of food & drink - you can download the whole massive 54 song mix from the blog - and you can read about how I came to choose the eight songs I chose right here...

Hot Chocolate Boy - Beat Happening
Love Beat Happening and love chocolate (although not so much hot chocolate). Name drop: I got into Beat Happening when I borrowed a copy of Black Candy from Graham Linehan (of It Crowd and Twitter fame).

Red Vines - Aimee Mann
I actually didn't know Red Vines were food until quite recently - Hazel suggested this (and a few others in this list) as I was struggling to come up with ideas for a mix I thought would be a piece of cake.

Cheese & Onions - The Rutles
In a valiant effort to steer clear of the obvious I opted for The Rutles version of Cheese and Onions over the Galaxie 500 version. Neil Innes Rutles songs were so utterly convincing that it wasn't a surprise that the Galaxie 500 box set credited the song to Innes/Lennon/McCartney.

Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles
Although nobody could have done The Beatles as perfectly as this. This is the peak of The Beatles genius - it was ALL downhill from the Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane single (and don't let anyone tell you different with their Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road nonsense!).

Sprout and the Bean - Joanna Newsom
Joanna Newsom is unique and makes stunning music - this is both unique and stunning and provides some much needed greens to the mix.

Apples in the Trees - Mirah
For a short while I was tempted to do a fruit only mix but this and the above strawberries where the only survivors.

Ginger Snaps - Dean & Britta
OK, so my valiant effort to steer clear of the obvious finally caved because I love ginger snaps and Ginger Snaps so it really couldn't not be in there. It's a song filled with wordplay.

The Man Who Loved Beer - Lambchop
And nice to finish with a beer. Love this song more than anything else that Kurt Wagner has done.

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