I've seen Robyn Hitchcock quite a few times over the years - never as a headliner (last time with The Decemberists a couple of years back); I've listened to albums (and Soft Boys albums); I've listened to friends express their appreciation... but for all that I find it really hard to like him, and I'm not entirely sure why. I mean, it theoretically pushes all the right buttons for me but there's something that just doesn't seem right.

This is the first time I've listened to Moss Elixir and it started well enough I loved the violin/guitar intro of "Sinister but Happy", although I found the lyrics a little discomforting, and for a while I thought this might be the time I'd "get over it" (whatever "it" might be). I found "Devil's Radio" just annoying and by "Man with a Woman's Shadow", "I Am Not Me" and, particularly, "De Chirico Street" I was itching to get out.

I stuck it out though, I'm glad I did "You and Oblivion" was great (sort of reminded me of Grant McLennan) and while it hasn't made me a fan I can appreciate more why people might think I ought to be a fan.