Dean & Britta

I have searches set up in Google (and Flickr and YouTube and anywhere else things may turn up) for Galaxie 500 (and anything else AHFoW related) - of course I get cars turning up regularly - and recently the wonderful Community has been polluting my searches as Greendale Community College has both a dean and a student called Britta.

I also get links to lots of bands that are compared to, or express a love for, Galaxie 500 (the band not the car) - this I don't mind... although the comparisons are often very, VERY wide of the mark - just because it's slower than mainstream indie rock doesn't mean it must be like Galaxie 500.

Anyway yesterday's find wasn't a comparison but a professed love of Galaxie 500 and Luna by the singer of London band The History of Apple Pie (apparently Tug is a reference to Tugboat)... so off I duly went to their MySpace page and (thank heavens) a Soundcloud page and gave them a listen and liked very much what I heard - see if you do...

Science For The Young by The History Of Apple Pie

Tug by The History Of Apple Pie

And more on Soundcloud