So it's all over, the best venue in London is no more. Last night, despite feeling a bit crappy I headed off for one last visit. First up were SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo), first up clearly because it was probably already past guitarist Harry's bedtime. Good noises... and discovering that bassist/programmer was Dean Garcia, formerly of Curve, was not a surprise... and that guitarist Harry is his son was also not a surprise.


Next up Ringo Deathstarr... they make me feel simultaneously young and old, they make noise, lots of it, but you can't shrug them off as just that, they're shared boy/girl vocals; they're the way that Elliott works his guitar; they're the way that the kick drum reaches my insides. Mostly it's young they make me feel. The album Colour Trip is worth checking out.

Ringo Deathstarr

I've never got, headliner, Piano Magic, and the thought of the growing up that was required to enjoy their set just wasn't something that appealed - that and the aforementioned crappiness - so as Ringo Deathstarr left the stage I left The Luminaire, for the last time.

One last shot of The Luminaire's disco ball