I've never been to an indie disco... and I'm too old now, and I don't dance, and most music that could make me dance just makes me cringe and shuffle uncomfortably into a dark corner... however if I were to be at an indie disco and had the desire and ability to dance (and it were the early 90s) this is what might get me going...

The Impossibles - Delphis

Curve - Coast is Clear
I saw Curve in 1995 at the Town & Country and it was the show that made it clear to me that I was not the sort of person who could cope with the indie disco... I realised I preferred to enjoy my music alone - or in an environment where I could pretend to be alone.

Dubstar - Stars

McCarthy - Get a Knife Between Your Teeth
Maybe it did smack ever so slightly of McCarthy jumping on a bandwagon... but if it means that if I wanted to I could dance to McCarthy...

Thousand Yard Stare - Wonderment

The Stone Roses - Waterfall