So John and I were Motorhead fans and Ju and Paul were Status Quo fans. They'd come and see Motorhead and we'd go see Quo... and Quo played a lot and so we saw them a lot... all over the country we traipsed seeing them... and you know what, I probably enjoyed them. But then the early 80s came, Quo released the laughable "Marguerita Time", Alan Lancaster left and that was it. The last time I saw them live was supporting Queen at Wembley in '86, they were rubbish.

The only album of theirs I was willing to admit liking was Piledriver, it was a rock album from when they were a rock band. I haven't listened to it for years before this morning but it gave me such bizarre pangs of nostalgia for Quo the rock band.. Paper Plane is an undoubted gem, possibly their finest hour. Roadhouse Blues is epic, and was always a live treat... sometimes the album chugs just a little too much but I'm not ashamed to say that I still kind of like this.

I went on to listen to the rather excellent 1977 live album, maybe its only excellent because of nostalgia... those live shows were fun, on the drive we'd have guesses as to how long Forty Five Hundred Times would last... I think I remember a time it lasted 26 minutes.