One of my most beautiful and lump-in-throat inducing discoveries of the Internet age was coming across (10 years ago or so) this recording of Sandy Denny playing a live (radio) show at Ebbets Field in Denver in 1973 - until I heard this Sandy was a beautiful voice and a sad, sad story. Afterwards she was a sweet and funny and very real person with a beautiful voice and a sad, sad story.

Download: Sandy Denny - 1973-04-29: Ebbets Field, Denver, CO, USA (46MB mp3 zip file via mediafire)

I'd never heard her talk before this.

I was teased at the weekend with the prospect of a clip of Sandy that I'd not seen before, there's so few clips of Sandy that the prospect of something new was quite exciting, alas it turns out that it was the clip of North Star Grassman and The Ravens that shows up periodically (along with the clips of Late November and Crazy Lady Blues from the same show). But it inspired me to have a long overdue Sandy search on YouTube and I came across this (sadly just one minute) clip of her playing White Dress with Fairport Convention.