I spent Friday and Saturday trying to help dad clear out his garage... in the garage is packed up a great deal of my past and poking around in that is sometimes difficult. To be honest a lot of my fave metal bands I do still love but there are a few areas that make me cringe... here's a selection. As a defence rather than just post the clips as usual, I'll try and explain how they came about!

I've included video clips but seriously suggest you give them a miss!

#1 Spider
Paul and Ju were huge Status Quo fans... and so were the band Spider, we went to see them... a lot, for some reason they got signed to a major label who poured money at them, but they were so very very ordinary.

#2 Tank
Actually Tank were OK, they had a fine pedigree (Algy Ward played on one of The Damned's finest albums) and their first album had a few gems on, the second was passable... but then came... This Means War - a pro-Falklands War concept album - I guess I can probably stop there! I have a picture disc copy of the album!

#3 The Tygers of Pan Tang
This was a surprise... I don't remember being a particularly big fan but two albums a pile of singles suggest otherwise...

#4 Two albums with sleeve notes by Garry Bushell
Oh god! This is the hardest to write - The Beerdrop Explodes had a few gems... but also Bushell sleeve notes and a track by fucking Jim Davidson puts it very firmly on the embarrassing pile. Oi Oi That's Yer Lot was even less good! This is one of The Beerdrop Explodes highs:

#5 More than one Yes album!
Yes were clearly a band I have been desperately trying to surpress - A year or so I would have claimed to have never liked them and owned nothing by them but then I heard some tracks from the Yes Album (possibly on the Freak Zone) and not only knew them but was able to sing along to them. In the garage at my dad's I found more Yes albums!

#6 The Jackie Lynton Band
Jacko was a classic pub singer - he had a bit of a pedigree having been one of Savoy Brown's vocalists back in the day but by the time we were seeing him in the early 80s he was very much a archetypal blues/rock pub singer... but funny - very rude, sometimes tasteless but often just plain funny.

We saw him literally hundreds of times around Surrey and South London over the course of a a couple of years - he was fun live and we got drunk listening. I found albums, singles and a couple of books of obscene poetry.