Boredom got me wondering how far I could get - I stopped at 24, had to dip into jazz for 19 and 22 was a bit of a stretch (it was a promo piece Dean Wareham recorded for an amp manufacturer).

Nina Nastasia - One Way Outballboy - I Need Two Hearts
Kathryn Williams - Three
The American Analog Set - First of Four
The Go-Betweens - Five Words
Lee Hazlewood - Six Feet of Chain
Luna - Seven Steps to Satan
The Beatles - Eight Days a Week
The Bats - Nine Days
Frank Black - Ten Percenter
Jack Frost - Number Eleven
Michio Kurihara - The Wind's Twelve Quarters
Big Star - ThirteenBeat Happening - Fourteen
Standard Fare - Fifteen
The Decemberists - Sixteen Military Wives
Sex Pistols - Seventeen
The Eighteenth Day of May - Eighteen Days
Andrew Hill - Flight Nineteen
Dr. Feelgood - Twenty Yards Behind
Electrelane - Tram 21
Dean Wareham - 22 Minutes
Luna - 23 Minutes in Brussels
Dusty Springfield - Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa