After a long, long hiatus (I wrote about Homecoming in May!) we've finally got back to Buffy and back with Band Candy that veers wildly from the unbearably long Angel Tai Chi sequence and almost as long and nearly as unbearable Xander/Willow footsie-playing - to the thoroughly enjoyable... which is mostly Joyce and Ripper...

Joyce: You got good albums.
Giles: Yeah, they're okay.
Joyce: Do you like Seals and Croft?
Joyce: Yeah, me neither.

I love that Giles is a music snob - and while he doesn't necessarily have great taste (that's proved later... in a coffee shop) - we do know that he has Cream and The Velvet Underground in his record collection so Joyce's "you got good albums" is about right.

Of course Tales of Brave Ulysses isn't Cream's finest hour - and frankly their finest hour was on the Lulu show in 1969... only lasted about a minute (you need to wait (or skip) seven and a half minutes into this clip) and didn't have any of them on stage!