Ugh! Buffy and Angel get it on again. Aww! Willow and Oz don't get it on (although we do, later, find them in a bedroom and Willow is wearing different clothes... so maybe Oz (understandably) changed his mind).

Jenny's back as the first evil which obviously led to over-analysis - "the first evil can't touch" says Hazel... "it's not touch" I reply "it's only touch in Angel's head where we're currently living".

This is how it tends to go - Hazel spots flaws and I try and convince her that they're not flaws - it's not always easy. I guess I'm so much more forgiving?

To be honest I'm not sure that Barry White could ever be good sex music... only if you enjoy laughing during sex at that ridiculously deep voice... to be honest I'm not sure I know what is good sex music - how about this...