Back in June 2008 I wrote a post about my favourite "fan sites" - I wrote about one of them...

Another site that you have to head over to the Internet Archive to see it as it should be. I adored the Low website before it became official (and actually for quite a while after) but sadly a lot of the content has gone astray and it looks less like a fan site and more like what I guess it is now - a promotional resource.

It turns out that as I was writing that the curator of that lost Low site was in the process of putting it back online - sadly it was four years (almost exactly) before I discovered that - but here it is - a great fan site, loaded with content (which is what a great fan site should be).

Low -

It was while playing my copy of Low's exquisite Joan of Arc that inspired me to look... this is the only thing I could find on youtube so maybe close your eyes and just listen!