Today I took an exam to finish of my OU mathematics course (MS221) - this has eaten up my evenings and weekends over the last few weeks, as well as causing me the sort of stress I don't think I want... particularly as I was only doing the course for my own pleasure - at some point it stopped being a pleasure.

This is what MS221 has taken from me which today I reclaim

Books - I'm not a prolific reader - I like reading, it's just that I'm very slow at it - I have a pile of books to read plus a virtual pile on my Kindle.

Photography - In the months since I started MS221 I have acquired a Yashica Mat TLR, a couple of other old cameras, plus an enlarger - all unused - the enlarger (sadly only a 35mm one and I have so many medium format cameras!) is on the floor behind me! I'm looking forward to making use of that.

Games - Adam and Hazel bought me Uncharted 3 and Batman: Arkham City for Christmas... both are unopened waiting for the time.

Films/TV - Oh we have so much telly to watch it's scary, Hazel bought Rock Follies, I got a Blu-Ray of the very wonderful Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind for Christmas, also still in it's wrap.

A Head Full of Wishes - after axing the AHFoW wiki and bringing the old database back into life - it's in sore need of a complete re-write - and to get some of the great pictures I've been sent over the years back on-line.

So... I reclaim my life.