I wrote this the weekend after the opening ceremony but never got around to shining it up with videos and pictures... and now it's sort of too late - so rather than leaving it sitting in my drafts with a load of other half-finished articles...

Not really a top 6 because there was just too much to love about it - I'd had seven years of preparing my cynicism for London 2012 - readying myself to sneer at the corporate, the cheating, the professionalism... but it was all wiped out in that opening ceremony and within a day or two I was shouting "come on France" at a 4x100m swimming relay team!

#1 It was a barely disguised two fingers up to the coalition.
#2 There were flying bikes.
#3 Evelyn Glennie's awesome hair (Hazel pointed this out and I was hypnotised)
#4 Deaf kids singing and signing a song that asks a deity I don't believe in to save an institution I despise (I paraphrased that description from someone else's tweet - no idea who but if it was you... spot on!)
#5 Millions of folk around the world watched while TimBL tweeted
#6 The head of the aforementioned despised institution acted

And a couple of downers
#1 The song I hate more than any other was in there - just a tiny snippet but there it was
#2 Mud! Really?