OK - four months since we last watched an episode!

I actually like the idea of The Zeppo, it has some funny lines and funny scenes... but as Hazel points out (and will I'm sure point out again) the lack of consistency of characters is just annoying. To change a character just to fit him into a good idea is wrong and that's what happens here... shame.

And there's Buffy's hair

Some quotes

Buffy: Maybe I'll check out Willy's (it doesn't work written down which is why I cheated up there)

Giles: There's something... different about this... menace, something in the air... The stench of death.
Xander: Yeah, I think it's Bob.

and... (obviously)

Xander: I'm suddenly very up. It's just, um... I've never been up with people before.

I'm not sure there's a great song about Zeppo... but there is one about another Marx Brother...