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50 films: 1965 - She

She (MGM, 1965). Screen Capture
I have a fondness for Hammer films, I know they didn't churn out much of high quality, and to be honest a fair amount of their output is... questionable - probably in content and almost certainly in artistic merit, but they took a story, and told it. Over the last few months I've re-watched a few Hammer films and I'm inclined to think that She is one of the better ones - after all, you can't argue with that cast - Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Ursula Andress and light relief from Bernard Cribbens, and the story has some depth, which isn't always the case.

There's an awesome set of screen grabs and memorabilia on Flickr

SPOILERS AHEAD: The funny thing about She is that I haven't seen it for more than thirty (and probably closer to forty) years and can remember nothing about it ... except the end - which I remember extremely vividly. The blue flames, the fight, the aging of Ayesha, and Leo waiting - I remember all this so very clearly that it sort of spoiled my watching of it.

She (MGM, 1965). Lobby Card (11

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