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Joanna Gruesome + September Girls + Flowers at The Lexington - 2014-01-09

First gig of the year was the Fortuna Pop! Winter Sprinter and was made up of three winners:

Flowers, who released the best single of last year on Fortuna Pop! opened. This was the fourth time I've seen them and they never fail to blow me away... and this time they managed the show without a mid-set pause to fix things.

They win on having the most astounding voice on stage and for coolest instrument.

September Girls also released a rather brilliant 7", and also on Fortuna Pop!

They win on coolest guitar strap and most inaudible between songs banter.

September Girls

Joanna Gruesome released a whole rather brilliant album last year.

They win on relentless energy and covering Galaxie 500.

Joanna Gruesome

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